What fuels your life force?

We all want to be happy and healthy. But our culture, filled with junk food and stress, collides with our biology, too often triggering wight gain and health issues. Join us for an honest exploration of the science and the art of living well in our modern world, with Annie Kay, dietitian/integrative lifestyle expert, yoga therapist, and author.

Meet the Author

“You have made such a difference in my life – your integrity, your professionalism, your joy and commitment, and on and on!” – Beth F


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“Thank you for a truly great program – a life-changing experience! And for your help in setting up a plan for a better life as well as better nutrition.”       – Barbara R

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   “…definitely not just another diet book. This one uses the tenets of yoga to explore the journey of life change rather than endure another diet with lists of foods to eat and avoid. Read and be inspired by the personal stories and examples of others in the book…with Annie’s compassionate voice, you’ll actually learn how to practice moderation…and becoming a mindful eater.”  – Jill W, RD

Apple walnut quinoa with kale

Looking for a warm delicious breakfast you can feel good about? Quinoa to the rescue – it’s actually a seed, has a great nutrition profile and cooks up quickly compared to most grains.

Fire cider

As the season changes and temperatures cool herbalists make a batch of this old folk remedy to keep the chill away and prevent colds. With garlic, horseradish, ginger, and onions – all phytonutrient powerhouses – the nutritional biochemist in my is intrigued.

Psyllium Shots for Healthy Weight

I’ve come to the conclusion that a tsp of psyllium seed husk in a quarter-cup of water 20 minutes before meals just might be the easy answer for those who struggle with weight and have cravings (especially sugar cravings) or just feel hungry a lot of the time.