The science, art and spirit of health and healing. 

What fuels your life force? We all want to be happy and healthy. But our culture, filled with junk food and stress, collides with our biology, too often triggering weight gain and health issues. Join us for an honest exploration of the science and the art of living well in our modern world, with Annie B. Kay, dietitian/integrative lifestyle educator, yoga therapist, and author.

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“You have made such a difference in my life – your integrity, your professionalism, your joy and commitment, and on and on!”
– Beth F

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“Definitely not just another diet book. This one uses the tenets of yoga to explore the journey of life change rather than endure another diet with lists of foods to eat and avoid.”
– Jill W, RD

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Newsletter“Thank you for a truly great program – a life-changing experience! And for your help in setting up a plan for a better life as well as better nutrition.”
– Barbara R

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What’s your health philosophy? Here’s mine.

I’ve been a clinical nutritional biochemist for over 30 years, a yoga teacher and therapist for 15, and a student of the psychology of how people change and of consciousness for all my career.
Through my years of helping groups and individuals improve their health through lifestyle, I have seen hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who want to eat a healthful diet that supports who they are, but don’t. Here’s my health philosophy.

How to add meaning to life with ritual

Rituals are acts performed in a certain way to realize an intention. They are things that we do, often that our ancestors or others have done before for the same effect, often in ceremonial events. They can provide a thread of meaning to mark a transition or close a chapter; honor an aspect of life; or connect us to the mystery and miracle of life. Ceremony and ritual allow us to take a step back, pause time, and honor our own lives.

Tahini dressing

Dressings and sauces are an opportunity to perfect and balance vegetables with nutrient dense oils, vegetable proteins and spices. Here’s a nice spring sauce for over cooked or raw greens, carrots, peppers and scallions.