Deepen your connection to Gaia

This month, I wrote about three talented healers I’ve recently encountered who are all offering creative ways of dealing with the environmental crisis. I’ll be posting about it all month, and hope to hear from you. It is a challenging issue, but it’s high time we all do what we can to show up for Gaia – mother earth.

Here are a few ways to deepen your connection to Gaia:

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Deeper Detoxification on Thrive

What are you ready to let go of? Dive into that question here, on my new post on Thrive, Kripalu’s blog.

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Observing Weight through Witness

Check out my recent post on Kripalu’s blog, Thrive. It’s called Observing Weight through Witness, and it’s about how we can use the power of pause to help us deal with those nasty food cravings (it’s never spinach and tuna fish we’re after, is it?), and other tricky times for the natural healthy weight seeker.

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