Apple walnut quinoa with kale

Looking for a warm delicious breakfast you can feel good about? Quinoa to the rescue – it’s actually a seed, has a great nutrition profile and cooks up quickly compared to most grains.

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Fire cider

As the season changes and temperatures cool herbalists make a batch of this old folk remedy to keep the chill away and prevent colds. With garlic, horseradish, ginger, and onions – all phytonutrient powerhouses – the nutritional biochemist in my is intrigued.

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Psyllium Shots for Healthy Weight

I’ve come to the conclusion that a tsp of psyllium seed husk in a quarter-cup of water 20 minutes before meals just might be the easy answer for those who struggle with weight and have cravings (especially sugar cravings) or just feel hungry a lot of the time.

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